Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring springing...

Maryland is notorious for it's crazy spring weather, one day it can be 70 and sunny, the next snow can be falling on the daffodils. For me it's part of what I love about this state, that we get seasons and sometimes, mini seasons within the seasons!

Last week and weekend was warm and lovely, I got my first sun pinking of the season while raking leaves out of the flowers beds. Of course now today the weather has turned cold and I can't help but feel a wee bit of guilt over the exposed plants that are emerging from the warm ground that haven't been blanketed by mulch yet! In any event, my garden bug has bitten hard and I found myself buying dahlia and peony tubers yesterday as well as picking up a couple new pairs of gardening gloves. My credit card took another hit as I pre-ordered some new hellebore's and bleeding hearts. I can hardly wait for things to arrive so that I can start planting, today however I will just have to be content to look at the lovely flower images online and in my gardening magazines.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Song of Spring...

Remember I said the wood frogs had left behind eggs? Well, they are still hanging about in the pond! Here are two of the many that are in there, having an afternoon sun! Or maybe they are chatting about the new pond? Hmm...wonder what they are thinking???

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The fish are as happy as I am that spring is finally here! The wood frogs came back which made me really happy as I wasn't sure what they were going to do when they arrived and their previous mating pool had been replaced. They however found the water just fine and as you can see right in the center of the picture here is a mass of eggs. Now if the fish don't eat them and we don't have another freeze, the pond will be loaded with tadpoles soon.

I sat by the pond for a while today planning the landscaping of it. I've decided on some nice Carex Bowles Golden for around the front edge where Zoe is. The back side will have a small seating area, ferns and some sort of fence to break the wood line from the pond. I've also come up with a brain storm to build some raised beds at the skimmer end to plant perennials in. It will help to insulate as well as hide the skimmer.

Off to dream some more gardening plans up!

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