Saturday, April 25, 2009

So it begins...

The vision is to take this area and turn it into a new pond. For a few years now I've been wanting a bigger pond. The one that I have is being quickly out grown by not only my plants, but my magic goldfish as well. (They are magic because I did not buy them, one day there were baby fish in my pond and each year since then they have made more baby fish and are running out of room.

The fish are only in this lower area and it's I think around 200 gallons if that. It was a 'kit' pond that I got from Sam's Club. It came with the small upper part and this lower part. The one in the middle was a freebie from a gardener and was added a couple years ago. The maintenance is touch as leaves abound in my yard and keeping a smaller pond clear of debris and algae is not an easy task!

So we are going to start digging a big hole to put in a new pond. Wish me luck!

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