Monday, April 25, 2011

Blooms, Bugs and Bees…

So not that it’s anything new but Mom Nature can’t seem to make up her mind if it’s Spring or Summer.  Temperatures around here have ranged from 30’s to 80’s, some sunny, a lot rainy so my days have varied in activity. I’m ready for the weather to maintain a steady 70ish so that I can do or at least try to do everything I’m designing in my head.
On those days when it’s warm especially after a rainy day, everything seems to green up further.  Most of what’s in bloom right now is yellow, daffodils, Japanese rose and woodland poppies.  Shots of pink from lungwort and the lovely purple blue of Virginia Bluebells.  My favorite though is this Redbud shrub that Randy’s grandmother gave me.
This is a picture looking down onto it from the deck off the sunroom.  On one of the sunny days I had my lunch out there and just loved watching all the bees that were all over it.  The entire shrub just vibrates with happy pollinators!  I have another that has never bloomed so I think it’s not happy in its current location.  I’ll be moving it on the next nice day, along with two yellow bushes!  My vision of those yellow bushes and this purple together is lovely!
While dinning that day on the deck this guy joined me.  I have no idea what he is, but he was quiet and pretty much just sat in the sun.
I’ve finally decided on my beehive!  I’ve gone the way of a top bar hive and am waiting for delivery.  I’ve also decided that my bees will either be a local swarm rescue or they will adopt me.  I’m not interested in selling honey or beeswax products, I’m actually far more interested in the bees and helping them.  I’ve chosen the location for the hive and this weekend I started the process of cleaning up the area.  I’ve got a grand plan for flowers that I want to plant in and around the area.  I also know that I will be planting them in multiples, not just one or two of one variety.  I’m going to do everything I can to make it a bee happy area!
Happy Spring!

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