Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Past and Present…

So here is a glimpse into the past..ready, put on your winter parka and take a peek.
Presidents Day Snow 03 022
This first picture was President’s Day weekend back in 2003!  Of course that paled in comparison to this snow, back in March of 2010! 
snow210spring310 012

Today though, today it looks like Spring to me, it sounds like Spring and it even smells like Spring.
Apparently even this girl thinks Spring has sprung and I can’t say I blame her, it’s a balmy 60 degrees.  It makes me want to do yard clean up and leave mulching and planting planning!
Like how lovely the gazebo will be once we get the roof on it this spring and I’ve been giving the green light to decorate it however I want!  Oh does he know what he said lol..
Instead, I took pictures of my Hellebores in all their glory just to share with you!
All ruffles and lacey Winter Jewels double flowering variety.
This dark nodding lovely is Winter Jewels in single form.
This diva, dark, mysterious is London Fog.
This happy face is Mellow Yellow!  Doesn’t it just make you smile!
Of course no early spring post is complete without…
Snowdrops in full bloom and all around them Daffodils standing tall, ready to make buds for beautiful spring flowers.
For now though, the crocus are bursting out of the leaves and I’m going to leave them alone for the time being, Spring will be here for real soon enough and my garden list is endless!  Till next time!

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