Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A vanilla scented jungle..


Complete with wild animals that lounge in tree tops…

Walk out my front door into the humid air and the aroma of vanilla wafts all around you.  It surrounds you, it makes you think of some wonderfully tropical place.


The source of the heavenly scent an unruly patch of milkweed, just plain old milkweed. 


Mixed in with the milkweed are two types of bee balm and this little unruly patch is playing host to so many bumblebees, butterflies and other pollinators that I wouldn’t dream of changing one plant of it!  Thankfully, I don’t live anywhere with an HOA!

The gardens are a weed filled mess, the humidity has just been brutal and having Tucker has made it pretty much impossible to go outside and pull weeds.  He has a tendency to eat, well, anything he can get in his mouth.

The area behind the pond looks so cool and inviting, oh what I wouldn’t give if all the fenced in area was free and clear with paths to meander on, which only a few weeds to pull here and there.


I see this and I see so much potential for it to fill in and be beautiful, but maybe you have to be a gardener to have that vision.



The bed along the deck is bursting with hosta on one end, jewel weed in the middle and daylilies on the other end.


This is another spot that I see so much potential, SO much work, but so much potential.


Forego, please, looking at the massive weed patch in the background and focus on the ferns.  After living with these for a while now, we’ve decided that we don’t like them there.  We love the idea of some plantings but not those ferns, something lower, maybe something with color, just not the ferns.

I guess what I need most is cooler temperatures and time, lots and lots of time!

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