Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Seasons and plans…

Cooper and I have enjoyed the snow very much and spent a lot of time outside playing in it.  He is so much fun!
Feb 21 2015 (18)
The arctic freeze seems to have ended and signs of Spring are popping up around the yard.
This of course has led to the annual revisiting of my never ending Gardening To Do List. (is a gardener ever finished?)  I have committed to starting on it early this year and have already spent two afternoons working outside.  Of course just as I got my gardening groove going, the weather flopped out on me and we went from sunny 40’s to grey, breezy high 30’s. 
Soon though the weather will surely reach tolerable temperatures and I’ll be spending every waking moment outside implementing all my plans and dreams.  I’m committed (or maybe should be) to making this the best gardening year ever!

Weather woes and spring cleaning

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