Sunday, August 2, 2015

Plants and Gates

I finally got around to removing the ferns from around the fire pit and relocating them to the woods near the shed. (Yes the dog pool is down in the fire pit, it’s a perfect spot for it!)
They look really ragged but hopefully they will survive and come back and be lovely next year.  My goal is to make this, look like this;
Which is just a gift of nature.
The fire pit took some pondering and I decided on something that I’ve not had much luck growing because it needs dry and sun, something that isn’t in surplus here.
Lavender!  I mixed in some Silver mound Artemisia for a texture and color contrast.  I sure hope they thrive and fill in, I love lavender and this is a dwarf variety that won’t get so big Randy complains.  While we were working on planting them, the bumblebees were all over them I can just imagine sitting there, smelling the lavender and listening to them buzz.
Two weeks ago we had Nick, from Acer Landscaping come out and fix the fieldstone walls for us and they did a fantastic job!

Today was a big day, today we put up one of the two sets of gates!!!  We still need to attach the fence to it, but the gates are up!
Yes they are stepped on purpose, the yard is incredibly uneven.  We will work on finishing that up this week and hopefully building the other set and installing next week.
That’s all for now, have a great week!

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