Friday, July 15, 2011

Beautiful July

What a beautiful blessing the last few days have been!  Normally in July, it’s blazing hot and the humidity hovers in the 85 and ups.  However the last few days have literally been a breath of fresh air, blue skies, temperatures in the mid 80’s and a lovely breeze.  I spent some time in the quiet cool of this morning surveying the gardens, staking plants and pulling weeds.  I had a surprise visitor try to sneak up on me while I was weeding.
That reminded me to refill my Haveaheart Deer Repellers and I’ve got to admit so far they’ve worked to protect everything but the hydrangeas, I guess those were just doomed to be eaten once they were ‘discovered.
Lucky for me (and the pollinators) there are still plenty of blooms around!
The black eyed Susan’s and bee balm make a cool color combination and the fringed loosestrife is putting on an amazing show of dainty yellow blossoms!
I have some parsley and oregano plants out front that I let flower and the bees are quite happy with that.
This is just one of the beautiful, cheery volunteer sunflowers that have grown up in the pollinator garden.  The best part is they all face my porch and bedroom window, so I see sunny sunflowers when I look out!
Isn’t that lovely!  My mom gave me a pot of Gerber daisies last year and I over wintered them.  This is one of the first blooms from those and isn’t it appropriate for me that it would be red! I mean I am a Caps fan after all!
Even the flower boxes that I planted in early spring are still prolific with blooms and little busy pollinators, I love that.
The spring and summer mason bees have been busy making homes in this nest box.  After the spring season there were 4 tubes filled, so I’m extremely excited to see that the summer bees are using it too!  I’m going to need another one of these for Christmas I think!
I adore spiders!  They work hard to keep the bug populations in control and orb weavers are always beautiful and just down right cool!  This is by far the best spider and web picture I’ve ever taken!  Isn’t she beautiful!
Till next time!

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