Friday, April 27, 2012

Faerie Gardens

I’ve been working on a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom.  Since she is house sitting this weekend and there was no way I could hide it, she got it early.  It’s a faerie garden and I’ve been gathering sticks, moss, rocks, pebbles and pine cones to adorn the house with.  I gathered miniature plants and decorations to set the scene and it didn’t take long for the vision to come to fruition!

Irish moss, moss from my yard, creeping thyme and sedums were all planted and allowed to establish in the pot before I added the decorations.  The house is mounted on a piece of slate from around my pond and then attached to the pot.  I had so much fun not only gathering the stuff that I needed but creating the house and the scene!  The funny thing was that I couldn’t for the life of me find any faeries anywhere!  Normally when the spring stuff comes out in the hobby stores faeries abound, this year it was all about the gnomes.  Then the other day I stopped at Sun Nursery and they had a display that had faerie garden items including faeries! 
I see more of these in my future, maybe not portable but certainly nestled among my gardens. Every garden needs faeries and we all need a little magic in our lives!

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