Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcome to Logs End

Welcome to our home, or rather a home for our home on the web. This blog will be for our friends and family to be able to keep track of our goings on because sending pictures back and forth is so last week!

We have started our latest project and that is to change our deck from an open space that we don't use to a wonderful space that we will be using.

For the most part this upper portion of the deck with the gazebo is just a place to put my house plants in the warmer months. Even though we like to eat outside and spend time on the deck we don't because of the insects and the critter gifts that are left behind.

So began the process of the making this a space that we will love and use a lot, that process started with the removal of the gazebo which was hard to see happen, but hopefully it will be relocated to an area behind the pond.

By the time it was all gone the deck looked, well so sad. My plants have been relocated to various spots in the yard and the house plants are all crowded around the hot tub, which by the way is remaining untouched!

Well step one completed. Next comes the hard labor of pulling up the decking.

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