Friday, June 2, 2017


I know that things have to change, that however doesn’t mean that I have to love it does it?

Given my choice in the matter I would live smack dab in the middle of say 30 acres with nothing but nature around.  I would not see my neighbors house or any other houses for that matter.  This I will say is just in my dna, I was born on a farm, I grew up living in the woods and it’s just in my makeup to want land all around me.

A few years ago our very nice neighbor cut down all her old pines which left her house very much visible.  We opted to plant some evergreens and hollies to try and compensate for that.

Tree Screen 2015

The problem we encountered was one of more mud less grass and my dear husband reached his breaking point and we had the tree company come out.  Me, I only wanted dead branches, or as I call them ‘widow makers’ taken out.  What I got…


The loss of two large beech trees, a lot of lower limbs and a clear view of the neighbors house.  Sigh…

I can’t really plant anything in this area as this is Cooper’s Corner.  He and Tucker love to play tag around the trees and watch the comings and goings on.  So what is a girl to do? 

On the bright side, all the stick piles are gone and we were left with this..


Two truck loads of woodchips!  These will be used to mulch Cooper’s Corner all the way to the shed.  Spread all along the deer fence on the inside, to cover all my paths in my woodland gardens and the rest will be spread out in front of and behind the woodland bed to rid us of all the weeds.  The best part, Antonio, the tree guy said he would keep me supplied with woodchips.  Yes I’m a simple girl…

Now I must research what I can plant that will grow outside the fence that the deer won’t eat so that we can mute the view of my very nice neighbors house. 

All I know is that grass better grow!!!

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