Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So as you know a while back (like the end of May) we got the deck for the gazebo over by the pond built.  A few weeks ago, with the help of some friends (one intentional, 2 by accident) the bases for the gazebo were finally carried across the yard and placed on the deck!

This past weekend Randy decided it was time to work on the gazebo.  He thought it was going to be easy since he had numbered all the pieces previously, however that wasn’t the case.  I guess from sitting out on the ground, exposed to the elements (unassembled) the wood twisted and absorbed quite a bit of moisture.  It was quite a feat for him to get the pieces to line up like they were supposed to.  After several unsuccessful attempts he came up with the idea to use a come along to pull the base pieces together…and it worked!
After that it was all about putting the post, rails and top sections on.  With a little help from me (very little all I did was hold upper sections and put some screws in) he was well on his way to having it ready for a roof!
The roof sections will have to have the old roof cedar shakes stripped off and the new roof shakes put on before they are installed.  
Of course, standing up on the gazebo (and seeing the GIANT bullfrogs) really made me want to put a large bog garden in behind the pond, but THAT is another project….

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