Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How a garden grows..

I’ve been going through and labeling my gardening pictures.  I always planned to make a scrapbook that showed how the garden changed over the years.  Looking at the pictures has made me very aware of how much has changed, how the trees have grown and even the loss of some plants. 

Vegetable Garden 2002 (2)

Look at all that sun this was 2002!  There was so much sun that I had a vegetable garden.  That’s pretty amazing.  Things change though, the maple trees grew and grew.

Section 1 2009

No garden but there are those maple trees.  Just a mess of leaves and weedy brambles and vines in 2009.

2010-7-6 (8)

In 2010 we built the new pond right were the vegetable garden had been, between those maple trees.

DSC_0006 (8)

The maple trees are still there in 2011, but we’ve got a gazebo base, over looking the pond.


2012 the gazebo is up and it’s when we added the stream, the fieldstone walls and the bog.

DSC_0038 (4)

Big changes in 2014 when we cleared the weeds and installed the deer fence, so much was about to change in a way I never dreamed of.  All those years of dreaming of plants not being eaten by the deer.  Of having quiet paths that meandered through a woodland garden rich with natives and shade lovers.  A place that was quiet and peaceful, with niches to sit in and just relax.


2017 finds me still working but well on my way to achieving the dream I have.  Some day I’ll be able to walk all through my gardens with less weeds and less work.  Until then I’m going to keep relishing all the changes and enjoying every moment of striving towards my dream.


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