Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Apartment for Rent..

Originally this little darling was going to be a bait hive.
It’s a five frame medium Nuc box but…plans have changed. I now want to build two bait hives that will take top bars.  My idea is to use some of the comb from my last hive to bait the box, along with a swarm lure and if all goes buzzingly, I’ll have some free-bees to put into the newly modified top bar hive.  Now you may ask yourself why I would want to do that, so I’ll tell you!
Bees are getting harder and harder to get, you have to order your bees in the winter and because demanding is increasing, so has the price.  There is also the belief that bees that have swarmed are the cream of the hive.  They are coming most likely from a hive that has survived the winter, built up fast and decided that they need to move out!  My goal is to get some apartments up for them to move in to, you know the pre-furnished kind that scream if you lived here you’d already be home!  
So what happens to my five frame Nuc, well it’s still useful and who knows it may still end up as a bait hive!  In any event I’ll post pictures as soon as we get the bait hives built!

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