Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mulching matters…


It is way to hot out for May.  It was 95 yesterday and is supposed to be the same today with higher humidity.  I was out a little before 7 this morning getting some weeding and mulching done, I only have a little to spread…


For the last several years I confess that I’ve had a landscaper come in and weed and mulch my easier garden beds.  It’s a lot of work and it takes me a long time to do what a crew of 5 can do in a day.  Customer service however is not what it use to be and my landscaper let me down big time this year.  It took him almost a month just to get back to me, then another week to set up a time for an estimate, then two more weeks to get the estimate to me.  By this time with the weather having been so warm the weeds and plants had exploded in growth.  I had already spent 2 days weeding beds and told him just get out here with the mulch, days later he informed me it would be several weeks before he could get here.  That wasn’t going to work, weeds wait for no one. 

Now the debate raged between myself and my husband bagged or bulk.  I wanted bulk, he wanted bagged.  He said bagged was easier for him to move around.  I am having a hard time using these bags, they are almost as tall as I am and because of torrential rains two weekends in a row, they weigh a lot.  So spreading for me goes like this. Fight to open bag. Let bag fall forward. Grab bottom of bag and lift up. Then shake and or jump up and down with bag to empty.  Then spread with hands and or rake.  If area is tight with plants, scoop small flower pot amounts out around plants..

Does it look great when I’m done? No doubt.




It’s just the getting to that point that is giving me one heck of a workout.  I’m still thinking I’d prefer bulk at the very least for the flower beds out front.  I’d rather do a cart load that I can maneuver at a time then dance with mulch bags.  Maybe for the back bagged is best because it will be easier to get back there and spread in the larger beds.  In the case of mulching maybe we are both right, just for different reasons..

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