Sunday, May 14, 2017

A cart for a gardener…

As a gardener who’s garden is more then a few feet, I need a cart.  It has to be easy to handle, it has to be able to haul more than a couple of plants and it needs to be versatile. I have had a FoldIt cart for years and I love it. 


This cart has gone with me to plant sales, it has hauled mulch, rocks and logs.  The ends come off making it perfect for hauling sticks or dumping, really this is a great cart!  Bet now you are wondering what’s wrong with the cart, nothing really it’s just that this cart is wide and that makes it hard to navigate on smaller paths, the tires are big and don’t maneuver well in tight areas and on occasion lose air (though now I see you can get tires that are airless).    So how do you replace a cart that you adore?  Where can you find something that will make your little gardening heart pitter patter???

You stumble on it while looking at shredders, no seriously that is exactly what happened!


Meet the Worx Aerocart now this cart isn’t just a cart.  This cart can be a dolly with that handy little foot on the front.  It’s perfect for moving big pots, bags of mulch and even concrete statues!  See those arms on the side they fold out and with the included accessories you can haul boulders and strap down taller items.  Don’t want to use it as a dolly, fold in that foot and you’ve got a great cart that will dump mulch, rocks or dirt with ease.  Add the wagon accessory, pop off the handles and the cart is now a wagon that you can pull into the garden with a built in seat and water bottle holder!  There is also a tool bag you can get that fits into the bucket for all your gardening supplies, but wait there’s more (sorry couldn’t resist!) there are clip sets you can buy that attach to the sides and will hold 2 of your long handled tools.  As if all of that wasn’t enough, the cart is small with never flat tires.  It is super easy to handle and fits perfectly into all those tight places in my garden.  I have already beat this cart with rocks, mulch and field stone and the interior of the bin still looks good.  I also love the fact that like my Foldit cart it’s sturdy on it’s wheels, no tipping over.

Now I won’t be getting rid of my FoldIt because it can haul more plants and I need that for my plant sales!  Plus since it does fold up it isn’t taking up very much room at all and as I said it’s perfect for hauling sticks when I’ve got piles to go to the brush tile.

So there you go.  Two wonderful carts that work hard for gardeners that work hard!  Oh and I’m not getting anything for reviewing these carts, I’m just sharing my experiences with you!

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